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Not Wearing Rose-Coloured Glasses!

  • Not Wearing Rose-Coloured Glasses!

Since the start of the season, I have written articles that for some it seems I am seeing the team via the aid of ‘rose coloured glasses’.  That my articles, sorry, my viewpoint is far too in the positive realm to be of any real value. Now I tend to disagree on this, because my view while being positive, is this way because I understand what is needed at the Carlton FC to make it great again.

You see for the first time in a long time, I am seeing the possibilities of what the future will hold for a club that I love.  I understand that people are frustrated, disappointed in how long it is taking for players, who for the most part are young and have not played even close to 50 senior games.  I understand that we are tired of being seen as nothing more than a ‘bottom-feeder’ club that was once a great icon in the area of a sport that we love – footy.

I have tried to show that Carlton has been a ‘bottom-feeder’ since the horrible salary-cap saga and the subsequent knee-jerk reactions from a Board that saw only knee-jerk reactions in its history since then and relied purely on their arrogance. You see I understand that with Bolts together with SOS; and make no mistake about this, that I do believe that what SOS is doing with regard to recruitment is the best way to get this club back to the top and the mere suggestion that some have stated that Bolts does whatever SOS says is ludicrous and really ignorant; I understand what the aim is.

Every week others in media realm dissect, analyse, praise or criticize a player, a coach of teams that just don’t perform up to their requirements.  What is the point of another person writing another article or viewpoint about this?  I know there are players who really shouldn’t be at the club and are on their last leg, so to speak, in terms of their continual playing at Carlton.  But what would be the point of continually deriding these players in a public forum that serves nothing really other than just another person writing another blurb about this.  So, I don’t.

I try to see what the possibilities will be given the team we have now and what will be for the future to ensure that Carlton are no longer ‘bottom-feeders’; and for the first time in a long time, there is that glimmer of hope and possibilities in a team that is slowly being shaped by Bolts and his team.  If that bothers some, well, so be it; but nothing is achieved by continual calls for sackings of coaches, list managers, the Board etc…nothing.

 So, if you are one of those who really wants just another viewpoint of the state of the team, the players, the coaches etc., then you will not hear that from me and if that bothers you, then there are plenty of other avenues for that, I just chose not to go down that path. There may be times when I will mention certain players and what they brought to the table in a game, but only if it serves a purpose to illustrate my point of view.

Finally, I have no issue whatsoever with those who don’t agree with me, but propose a valid, rational argument, not just negative platitudes that are only for the writer to vent. I understand what every supporter is going through, I’m going through the same, I just chose not write about.


P.S. That "gun" blurry and standing near Bolts will be a fantastic, gun of a player with more senior game time under his belt! Just my view! #paddypowwow

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